Quality Policy

As Atlas Form, our goal is to increase market share and competitiveness by delivering products that satisfy customers' needs and expectations.

In principle, all processes must comply with the requirements of the Quality Management System. It is aimed at continuously improving all processes as part of the quality management system by which the managers of the processes. Atlas Form pledges to continually improve its quality policy and adhere to quality system management.

In order to achieve this goal, it is aimed at all the processes of our company, which will be realized at a certain level of quality and that our products will be marketed according to economic and technical requirements. In order to reach our targets and improve our quality level in line with developing technology and customer expectations, Quality System requirements will be essential to all the departments. The policies and objectives set out are mandatory and required by all staff and staff at all levels. The company's senior management team is responsible for the management and execution of its departments and the relevant standards and relevant procedures. Supported by employees at all levels.

Planning, monitoring and development of the Quality System is the responsibility of Quality Manager. The Quality Department has the authority and organizational freedoms necessary for the identification and correction of quality problems and the corrective process.

Atlas Form undertakes to comply with the principles and obligations of Occupational Health and Safety.

All employees of the firm are obliged to implement the standards and procedures described in the Quality Handbook. It is the duty of every employee to request a formal amendment to these standards or procedures if the standard procedures can not be applied for any reason.